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The media creators of the world are the movers and sakers of the industry. They are the lifeblood of businesses and thrive on social media and various platforms. 

The Christopher J Yancy, Sr Scholarship Fund (CJY Scholarship Fund) was created to aid graduating high school and HBCU college students in the fields of Mass Communications, Telecommunications, Journalism and Creative Arts with project and school funding. Graduating seniors of Berkeley Senior High School (McClure-South Berkeley) and current Alabama A&M University students will receive priority consideration HOWEVER all students are encouraged to apply. 

Criteria and how to apply: 

You must be a high school graduating senior/GED graduate or current HBCU student. 

You must be in the study field  of Mass Communications, Telecommunications, Journalism and Creative Arts 

You must have a GPA of 2.7 or higher. 

You must present a high school transcript or college transcript. 

Submit a 30 sec on more video of why you deserve to receive this award. (Remember, be Creative. Bare minimum is failing, overachieving is excellence!) Links to video are preferred

Email your complete information to 


Please include one headshot 

With your name and contact information.

*Please follow all instructions! You will not be considered if ALL information is not submitted in entirety and together.

This will be a yearly award. Awards will be in $100 and or $500 increments to receiving applicants. 


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